How do you feel when you have the intuition that there is something you must do, but that it is not usual?

It is not even well defined, it is like a recurring thought, badly contoured and which seeks to materialize.

Sometimes if you don’t try to hold it back, that thought, that energy will go away and maybe leave a void.

This is sort of the path that led me to implement this site: the need to give a shape to what is in the mind, risking not being exact or perfect but without risking losing not to try.

What is it about ??

In nomadic mode since the end of 2017, a lot is happening on this planet, in India, in Vietnam, in Hong Kong (Ah Hong Kong! …), Lisbon, Athens, Berlin…

Now back to France, after South America (and a break in French Guiana 😉 )…

The idea is to share a few stories along the way, anecdotes, nice pictures.

Good to know

This website was initially started as a developer experiment, based on edgy WordPress technologies. More about this here Hello World!

But the it became more like a real blogging experience; a mix of various topics, cultural insights, cool contents.

Some articles are being written, incomplete or simply not yet published.

Let’s say it is a work in progress…

Anyway Welcome to The WarpZone

And moreover, feel free to get in touch, the door is usually open.