Indian Dogs

Thought on India, cows and dogs

You maybe heard that the cow is sacred in India to Hindus; I had the feeling the dog is also a sacred animal in this country.

Here in Chennai these comrades take a nap on a bridge over a major highway. I think most of the time I found them there when I was passed by in the early afternoon.

Here in Puducherry, I met this troop during a walk shortly after my arrival. Their presence seemed very natural, as if it was me who was out of place on this street.

Goa area, last step in India. Again their presence is not at all questioned and I am sure that if you are looking for owners you won’t find any.

In our society (me I am French by birth) this is not usual and one could be worried to cross all these animals in freedom. From my experience I don’t really remember having encountered aggressive or threatening dogs.

I quite like the idea of​​ let it happen, in the sense that we shouldn’t try to control everything, this is maybe what these animals, cows, dogs show us.