Athens Post-Apocalyptic (Post-Apocapitalystic)

I surely didn’t understand what the situation in Greece was like. I am European and like many I heard stories of the crisis, on the news, etc., but I have not conducted an analysis on this subject.

I observed during walks in the city center of Athens the expression of this situation on the walls; I was struck by the multitude of graffiti everywhere all around.

And my imagination projected me into a world where capitalism had collapsed, after the Economic Apocalypse.

In some neighborhoods there are more buildings that appear maintenance-free or in ruins, that and the graffiti, the Anarchist inscriptions, I didn’t need more to travel in fiction, where the world that we knew had been destroyed, where the people regained the power.

The notion of money is no longer; the new wealth is the fabric of our human relationships based on mutual aid and solidarity.