Mechanical Workshop #2

This time it was about mounting protections on the motorcycle.

In fact it’s surprising that the bike was not equipped with it when I bought it; especially since on this Suzuki model, the oil filter is rather exposed below.

We had to do it in 2 times, over 2 days. It was rather anticipated in once, but that too is part of the learning process: you need patience to do mechanics.

Also what may seem simple turns out to be more complicated during the realization.

First part: mounting engine crash bars. In fact these protections are attached on the engine mounts, which means that if you unbolt everything, the engine will fall … (Note the use of the crick).

Before going on, balancing with wooden blocks. It’s called System D and it works very well.

Another view of the installation.

You can see the mounting brackets for the skid plate. Big challenge to put them in place, especially because the exhaust is not standard.

Final result for the skid plate.

Big big up to Manu; without him I was screwed (as we say).

Not only because he lent me all the tools I needed, but above all because he is much more experienced and really better at mechanics than I am.