I tested the Lima Metro in times of COVID

When you are told it’s worse elsewhere…

Lima, one evening in April, I wanted to test the metro, yeah that’s fun!

Logically I show up at the entrance, well I struggled a little bit to understand that my brand new bus card was not valid for the train.
As I walk towards the entrance gates, I see a queue on one side but I’m not sure I understand how everything is organized and you never know if there is a misunderstanding…

I walk up this line and start to hallucinate because it never stops…
I pass the corner of the street, and I keep going up the line to take my place at the end, but it looks like it’s non-stop.

And indeed I thought it would never stop, it was curiosity that pushed me to continue.

Finally got to the very end, I asked a guy if this was normal and if he knew what the wait time was: basically the situation was about normal and we could expect 10 to 15 minutes of waiting.

Honestly I felt a bit reassured .

The video you can see here is a souvenir, because that was quite impressive, these are sequences filmed from the start of the queue to the metro (and a little more).

What is also surprising is that, in fact, once you have passed the entrance, there are not particularly crowds in the metro.

Author’s Note

There was a time we used to talk like this in France