Motorcycle Videos 1 & 2

Alright let’s share fun stuffs?

At least that was meant to be kinda fun.

As I was so sad I had to sell my motorbike in French Guiana and keep travelling without, I took a few opportunities to drive around.

And as I had planned to start filming on my bike and bought an action camera, I just did it.

I made the first ride and the first video in Medellín. The second one took place in Lima.

The motorcycles are not so powerful , first one was a 100cc and second one a 150cc, Hero brand (from India).

Let’s say the pleasure was inversely proportional to the engines power.

Bienvenidos a Medellin

Bienvenidos a Lima

Yeap learning takes time… and efforts.

And how could you expect you turn yourself into a videographer fast 😉