Time to go…

…and sell the motorbike 😤

So sad to think we worked so hard to make it ready…

One of the last stages of preparation

That was an improvement that I had been preparing for months: adding saddlebags to finally have room to load a little more.

And I wanted to find an cheap solution since this type of motorcycle accessory is generally rather expensive.

So with Manu’s help, I was able to assemble the structure to support the saddlebags. And I found some second hand saddlebags in great condition and really well suited to the use.

And the result was convincing.

Blame it on the Covid

Unfortunately these days, it’s already not easy to travel in a standard way; and crossing borders with a vehicle is simply not possible in South America.

At least the way I planned it: French Guiana ▶️ ️Brazil ▶️ ️Colombia.

Ultimately the vehicle becomes more blocking than else, so I have to sell it. And therefore it’s imperative to prepare it.

Besides the usual technical checks and the washing of course; to make the bike nickel-chrome, I wanted to repaint the tank fairings and remove the scratches there.

It was a first opportunity to learn.

Up for sale

(not giving up)

Let’s say it’s just a postponement.

Most importantly, with the driving license everything will be easier next time.

And despite everything, driving 6 months on French Guiana’s roads have trained much.

By the way…

Arriving at Bogota airport, I saw this model on sale.

These 150 engines are quite common here and for real, it’s rather tempting.

To be continued…